Kadena price prediction | Will it hit $60? 2026

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The Overview of the Kadena Ecosystem

Kadena is one of the highest scaling layer 1 open-source repository public blockchain networks in the world. Kadena Network claims that it can execute nearly 500000 transactions per second. With the high transaction speed, Kadena does not require a layer 2 scaling like others, such as the Ethereum network. Kadena makes blockchain accessible for everyone in the world. Kadena as an ecosystem provides security to Bitcoin, unparalleled throughput, virtually free gas, and smart contracts. Kadena optimizes the features and scalability of the ‘Pact Smart Contract Language. Pact is readable for non-developers also, and it can automatically detect bugs.

Kadena Overview

Ticker SymbolKDA
Price$ 12.95
Price Change 24H-0.02%
Price Change 7D-6.26%
Market Cap$ 2,063,017,765
Circulating Supply162,519,490 KDA
Trading Volume$ 45,201,972
All Time High$28.25
All Time Low$0.1213
Kadena ROI3711.17%

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Unique Features and Services of Kadena

What makes Kadena different from other blockchain providers and smart contract dealers is, it addresses the major concerns of the cryptocurrency market, such as privacy, security, speed, high throughput and accuracy of transactions, the technical understanding for normal people to access the ecosystem. The platform was co-founded by pioneers of the blockchain industry. Stuart Popejoy, the founder and CEO of Kadena, was the former leader of JP Morgan’s emerging blockchain group, along with Will Martino, the co-founder, and president of Kadena. He was the tech lead of SEC’s cryptocurrency steering committee.

Smart contracts: Self-executing contracts with predefined terms and conditions between two parties is called smart contracts. The majority of smart contracts like Ethereum are not gasless. User has got no control over the contracts; they deploy into the network and run as programmed. But Kadena smart contract supported by Pact allows the user to build effortless smart contracts. Users can write the contract or launch it on the fiftieth dApp, making the contract much safer than other smart contracts.

No cost transactions: Kadena will decide to provide the first crypto gas station, eliminating all transaction fees to customers. This step can lead to the mass adoption of dApps. The unique architecture of Kadena can make increase energy-efficient transactions per second.

Blockchain technology: The public blockchain network of Kadena is the only shared and scalable layer 1 Proof of Work network in use today. The scalability and throughput are achieved by braiding with multiple blockchains like Bitcoin. To meet higher demands in the network, they created a live network expansion from 10 chains to 20 chains. The multichain architecture prevents Kadena from reaching the throughput ceiling. Kadena is the only scalable Proof of Work platform which is capable of scaling to settle 9+million trades executions every day.

DeFi and NFT payments: Pact provides flexibility and security to the system. Serial and fractional NFTs, faster payment with the use of Kuro Layer 2 technology. Trustless, decentralized, cross-chain transfers are executed seamlessly by the Kadena chain relay bridge. Pact is governed at three levels, code level, account management level, setting strategic direction for key community initiatives. All this is available on the website.

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The Overview of Kadena (KDA) Token

KDA is the native cryptocurrency of the Kadena platform, which is used to pay for the Kadena services provided. The total supply is 1 billion tokens that are to be mined over 120 years. 70% allocated to miners, 20% for the providers, 7% for investors, and others rest is for the contributors. Token schedules and allocation are designed to provide sustainability. Kadena is generated through mining; existing coins can be used in three ways. Mining is incentivized by rewards for each block which will decrease gradually over the years. The total Kadena coin in the economy is 990M which means 1 billion launched coins minus 10 million burned at the launch.

Currently, 98.8 million Kadena coins are in circulation from January 2021 data. Still, there is 10.8 million unreleased Kadena coin in the ecosystem.

  • It can be directly transferred between users.
  • Payments for creating a new smart contract.
  • Paying the gas cost of executing a smart contract.

Kadena KDA has a wrapped version called WKDA, which allows it to operate in the Ethereuem network and will enable it to interact with EVM compatible DeFi protocols. The network has partnered with CELO, COSMOS, CoinMetro, Flex, Ledger, Polkadot, Terra, WRAPPED, Zelcore to create interoperability and integration within the network.

Kadena Technical Analysis

The Kadena (KDA) price has rallied in the past few weeks creating higher highs in the daily chart. Today, the closing price of the Kadena coin has tested a high of $20.37, and the average daily volume is hiked from a daily average of $3 million to more than $300 million. The recent launch of Wrapped Kadena coin on the Ethereum network, roll out of non-fungible tokens, the new listing is the reason behind the recent Kadena price action.

Kadena price today is trading at $19.5, with a slight price drop. Kadena has a 24 hour trading volume $122,020,766, current market cap is $3,063,805,760 with a circulating supply 157,522,912 KDA. The price of Kadena reached an all-time high is $28.25 on November 11, 2021. The current price of Kadena is less than the highest price. Looking into today’s range, the KDA price traded at the highest price of $20.37, and the minimum price for the trading session is $17.24.

Kadena Price Prediction

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The historical data on the daily chart shows that the difference between the value of the opening price and the closing price of Kadena KDA is meager. Kadena was executing a bearish momentum and sideways trend till October 17, which was a long period after the coin launch. Only very few price actions and trade happened on KDA till that. From the second week of October, onwards Kadena price started moving up. The price of Kadena KDA took a rest in the last week of October and continued uptrend till the price touched an all-time high. Market data shows that traders started accumulating KDA cryptos into their portfolios.

Kadena Technical Analysis

The Kadena technical analysis for the current price levels shows the KDA price is trading in the red. A Kadena price drop can be expected for the next two to three days; immediate support levels are placed around $19.864. Any price drop below this is a sell Kadena indication. The price correction can be extended to the support zone of $7. The next resistance of Kadena’s price is $24.467, and if the future price of Kadena crosses the hurdle, the coin can move to $28.506, which is not expected this month.

Average price of Kadena

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The major technical indicators are highly bullish. RSI is placed at 72, which is an over-brought zone. The MACD line crossed the signal line from November onwards; volume spiked into its maximum level. Looking into the technical analysis based on EMA, the average price of Kadena is trading far beyond its 50 EMA, 20 EMA, and 200 EMA. Kadena has given more than 500% return in last month and 50% return for last week. As per the forecasts, we can expect the price pullback in Kadena value for the next two-three trading sessions; afterward, the price might reflect long-term earning potential.

Kadena Price Predictions: 2021-2026

The historical data shows Kadena price could beat the predictions of 2021 and register new highs. The future forecast system is bullish on digital assets than money market instruments and fiat currencies. Not only individual investors but institutional investors are also looking for profitable future investments in cryptocurrencies.

Kadena Price Prediction 2021

Kadena KDA is extremely bullish and expected to reach $30 by the end of November. As per the current market status, the price of Kadena is predicted to face a slight price correction, and hence, according to forecasts, experts give sell Kadena sign to traders for the year. The minimum price could be $27 by the end of the year.

Kadena (KDA) Price Prediction 2022

Kadena coin price is predicted to begin at $28 eventually recover to $30. Based on our KDA forecast, the price of Kadena will touch a maximum price of $33 within one year. The average price of Kadena KDA might be around $31. Users should invest at the current price levels to earn hefty returns and their overall portfolio growth.

Kadena Price Predictions 2023

Kadena price forecast begins around $32 in 2023. The opening price of a digital asset is predicted to touch $35 by the second half. The KDA price forecast shows that Kadena’s value may reach the maximum price level of $37 by 2023. As per the Kadena forecast, it will be a profitable investment option for the future if invested at the current price levels.

Kadena Price Prediction 2024

Kadena coin price prediction to start at $37.29 at the beginning of 2024. Eventually, the coin will move towards a future price prediction of $40, which makes Kadena a good investment. Traders can buy Kadena to get a massive return as the price may trade around $45 by the end of 2024. Kadena coin price prediction shows the average price at $39 for the year.

Kadena (KDA) Price Prediction 2025

Buy Kadena for a period of five years for a good return in the future. Data analysis foretell if KDA price can grow to $48 within one year, it will touch $50 by 2025. Invest in Kadena for 2025 to get a return of a maximum price level of $55, which is more than double the current value. Kadena KDA predictions are extremely bullish for 2025.

Kadena Price Prediction 2026

Kadena Network plans on expanding its offerings in the NFT space. The current craze for DeFi and NFT may take the coin to new highs. According to our cryptocurrency prediction of the past price data, the price of Kadena is forecasted to be at around a minimum value of $55. The Kadena price can reach a maximum level of $60 with an average price of $58. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kadena is a good investment?

Yes, Kadena is a good investment option based on the current KDA price trend and Kadena price prediction. The Kadena forecast is bullish for the near future. Analyzing the company’s roadmap, every step, they are trying hard to create a new addition to increase Kadena network value and KDA coin price. Unpredictability is the main risk in crypto investment. A bit of proper financial advice is necessary before investing.

Where can I buy Kadena?

Traders can buy Kadena KDA cryptos from the leading crypto exchanges like KuCoin, Hotbit, CoinEx, Bittrex, and Hoo.

Can I stake Kadena?

Yes, anyone can stake Kadena KDA to earn a passive income.

What will be the price of Kadena in 2030?

According to the Kadena price forecast, the coin might register overall growth along with its market cap. The KDA price might reach the $100 mark in 2030.

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